Take a look at the good times, memories and good laughs we have had!

Outdoor natural background of beautiful British Columbia
Bristol Records honouring Police & Peace Officers Memorial Ribbon
Bristol Records did an amazing job organizing the first Police and Peace Officers Memorial Ribbon Gala!
photobooth fun memories shared
Letting lose at the first Police and Peace Officer's Memorial Ribbon Gala!
Photobooth entertainment
Entertainment and interactions are key!
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Keepsakes for a lifetime!
props for fun, interaction, and entertainment
Classy, goofy, serious, kids props! We cater to your theme!
Photobooth unlimited prints
Memories bring joy!
conference welcome reception
Welcome Reception for the International Ornithological Congress! People from around the world in Vancouver!
photobooth costumes & entertainment
Incredible costumes courtesy of rah-bop! A great addition to the fun that night.
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Sharing pictures with your loved ones, friends and colleagues in a matter of seconds!
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Themed desktop for your event! Something to look at while waiting for the prints!